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Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose and HPMC cellulose are import

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In the mortar, why people are so high in water conservation, what is the outstanding advantage of good water retention mortar, let me give you a brief introduction to the importance of water retention in mortar.
1. The necessity of water conservation
Water retention of mortar refers to the ability of mortar to preserve water, and the water retention of mortar is easy to secrete in the process of transportation and storage. That is, water floats on it, sand and cement sink below, and it must be stirred again before use.
All kinds of grass-roots which need mortar for construction have certain water absorption. If the water retention of mortar is not good, in the process of mortar coating, as long as the premixed mortar is in contact with the block or the base, the premixed mortar will be sucked to water, and the exterior of mortar is evaporated to the atmosphere in the atmosphere, resulting in the water loss of the mortar. Foot, affect the further hydration of cement, at the same time affect the normal development of mortar strength, resulting in the strength, especially the strength of the interface between the hardened mortar and the base, resulting in the cracking and falling off of the mortar. However, the cement with good water holding capacity is more hydrated and the strength can develop normally, and it can better bond with the base.
Ready mixed mortar is usually built between absorbent blocks or applied to the base layer, forming a whole with the matrix. However, the poor water retention of mortar affects the quality of the project.
1. due to the excessive water loss of mortar, it affects the normal hardening and hardening of mortar and reduces the bonding force between mortar and surface. It is not only inconvenient for construction operation, but also reduces the strength of masonry, thus greatly reducing the quality of the project.
2. if the bonded mortar is bad, the moisture is easy to be sucked out by the brick, so that the mortar is too thick and uneven. In the implementation of the project, it not only affects the progress, but also causes the wall surface to cause cracking due to dry shrinkage.
Therefore, increasing the water holding capacity of mortar is not only beneficial to construction, but also can increase strength.
Two. Traditional water conservation method
The traditional solution is watering the grass roots, but this can not ensure that the grasslands are evenly wetted. The ideal hydration target of cement mortar at the base is that the cement hydration product follows the process of absorbing water at the base level and penetrates into the base, forming an effective "locking key connection" between the base and the base, so as to achieve the required bond strength.
The direct watering of the surface of the base will result in serious dispersion of water absorption at the grass-roots level due to the difference in temperature, watering time and uniformity of watering. The water content in the base is less, and the water content in the mortar will continue to absorb. Before the hydration of the cement, the water is absorbed, which affects the hydration of cement and the infiltration of the hydration products into the matrix. The water content in the base is large, the water content in the mortar is moving slowly to the base, even the formation of a rich water layer between the mortar and the matrix, which also affects the bond strength. . So the common method of base water not only can not effectively solve the problem of high water absorption in the base of the wall, but it will affect the bond strength of the mortar and the base, and cause the empty drum and dry crack.
Three. The effect of high efficiency water conservation
The high water retention property of mortar has many advantages:
1. the excellent water retention property makes the opening time of mortar longer, and has the advantages of large area construction, long service life in the barrel, batch mixing and batch usage.
2. good water retention property makes cement fully hydrated in mortar and effectively improves the bond performance of mortar.
3. the mortar has excellent water retention property, which makes it difficult for the mortar to produce segregation and bleeding. Now the workability and workability of the mortar have been improved.

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