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Problems and solutions of putty powder in construction proce

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1. Blistering
Phenomenon: bubbles are generated during the construction process and after a period of time, the surface of putty is bubbling.
1, the base is too rough, and the speed of the batches is too fast.
2, one construction putty layer is too thick, more than 2.0mm;
3, the moisture content at the grassroots level is too high, and the density is too large or too small. Because of its rich space and high moisture content of putty, air is not allowed.
It is closed in the cavity cavity, and it is not easy to eliminate.
4. After construction for a period of time, the bursting and bursting on the surface are mainly caused by uneven stirring. The pulp contains powder which is too late to dissolve.
Particles, after construction, absorb moisture and swelling and bursting.
1, there is a large area of blister putty surface, with a blade to directly crush the bubble mouth, and then use the appropriate putty to scrape the bubbling surface.
2, putty generally after mixing evenly, static for 10 minutes or so, then use electric mixer to stir again after the wall.
3. If there is blistering on the second road or the last surface layer, we should use the scraper to remove the bubbles before the watermark is eliminated, so as to ensure the putty surface.
No bubbles appear.
4, especially rough wall, the general base material as far as possible to choose coarse putty.
5. When the wall is too dry or the wind is strong, the surface of the wall should be wetted with water as much as possible.
2. Depowdered
Phenomenon: after the construction is completed and dry, touch the powder with hands.
1, internal wall putty powder polishing time is not good, the surface has been dry and then polishing treatment will be powder.
2, the exterior wall putty powder, the coating is thinner when facing, in the summer high temperature, the moisture volatilization is very fast, the surface layer is not enough moisture to solidify, therefore.
Easy to remove powder.
3, the product exceeds the shelf life, the strength of the adhesive has dropped significantly.
4, improper storage of products, the moisture absorption after a significant drop in cohesion.
5. High water absorption at the grassroots level leads to fast drying of putty and no sufficient moisture for curing.
1. During the polishing of the putty surface, the proper polishing time should be mastered. The best period of polishing is to dispose of the putty immediately.
Light. Practice proved to be a facet
It should be treated with flattening or polishing.
2. After the surface putty of the exterior wall is dried, it must be properly polished and fully drenched and maintained. The general maintenance is divided into two or two times.
If necessary, please use the Bao Bao transparent seal primer to add water.
1:5) as a second channel liquid, the effect will be better.
3, the product must be used in the warranty period. If it exceeds the warranty period, it must be tested and scraped.
4, the product must pay attention to waterproof treatment, should exist in a cool and dry place, and ensure good seal.
5, in summer or high temperature and strong wind weather conditions, it is best to use wet water to wet the wall before applying the putty.

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